About us

PPA is a special place created by a team of exceptional people. We share a passion for helping people. Therefore we individually adjust methods and techniques according to the needs and resources of people who seek help. We provide individual, family and couples therapy, coaching, psychological consultations and psychotherapy in Polish and English! We also work online! Our specialists are in a continuous training process. They also attend supervisions, which has a positive effect on the quality of work, the effectiveness of therapy and customer satisfaction. PPA is a team of enthusiasts, people who love working with others and seeking continuous development.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality professional mental health and personal and professional development services. Since 2006, we have been helping Poles, broadening awareness and promoting knowledge in the field of broadly understood mental health balance.

We are distinguished by:
Who are we?

We are the association of psychologists, educators, sociologists and specialists who decided to help other Poles living in Great Britain and at the same time, wanted to develop themselves in their psychological and related specializations.

It all started with an idea of ​​4 people in the spring of 2006. Passion, knowledge, noticing the needs of others and the willingness to share were the foundations of the initially registered Club of Polish Psychologists. The need for such a forum, openness, concrete action and efficient organization began to attract others immediately. In addition to the key scope of activity – individual psychological consultations, new initiatives appeared: Family Clinic, Women’s Academy, Coaching Project, DOPRA Research Department.

At the beginning of 2009, we became the Polish Psychologists’ Association. The change of name consequently brought a new spirit and strengthened our status as an association of professionals. This also obliged us internally to manage the organization even better, the customer base which has started to exceed 2,000 people.

The following years are a period of the constant influx of customers, recognition of their needs and adaptation to changing conditions. We introduced a new website, unified internal rules and structures, and created a new PPA Strategy. It was also the time of a more visible face of PPA as a reliable brand and partner of other organizations in the UK. We strengthened contacts and cooperation with Polish media and other Polish and British organizations.

March 2012 is the time of receiving the REGISTERED Charity status from the British Charity Commission – it is an appreciation of 6 years of enormous work of all volunteers involved in PPA and a challenge for the future. In 2006, we started without any funds and acted like that based on membership fees and the occasional subsidy. However, in order to continue to exist and develop, we need regular funding. There are many ways to help us – so that we can continue with our work.

We currently operate in London and remotely. We offer a unique, comprehensive offer of assistance and personal development, from “toddler” to adult, from strictly psychological support, through work with children and families, to professional coaching, training and workshops. We are reactivating our research centre, and we want to reach new cities in Great Britain.

In addition to financial resources, to achieve these goals, we constantly need new people who want to get involved in the work of PPA: psychologists, educators, sociologists and also those who want to share their skills and experience in the field of project management, IT, finance and fundraising, PR and marketing. PPA is a great satisfaction of creating something necessary, good and amazing, gaining experience and often true friendship

Board of Management 
Zaneta Lawecka


Business Partner
Finance Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) - Pamela Wiatr

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief Communications Officer
Chief Clinical Officer 


Head of Fundraising
Development Officer

Each Member of the PPA must be abide to the principles of the constitution. Applicants oblige to read the content of the constitution before submitting the membership application.